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Amber, the Designer
About Amber, the Designer

When considering a renovation, homeowners may seek guidance by connecting with a designer through referral, or via an online search.  So, initially, the interaction stems from reputation and perceived personability.

Amber approaches every renovation as unique, recognizing that each homeowner will have different needs and their own individual set of priorities.  It is during the early process of learning about homeowners’ lifestyles, habits and family interactions, that a trusting relationship develops.

With over 25 years of experience within the residential construction industry, Amber’s chosen area of expertise is custom kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Amber has an intuitive sense, enhancing environments that distinctively reflect the individuals whom inhabit them.   Her adaptable personality seems to generate especially memorable relationships, that oftentimes last for years.

Amber’s educative approach to design, her experience, proven processes and a commitment to design excellence, continues to produce sustainable interiors for perceptive homeowners.