Cabinet Doors

When selecting your cabinet doors, it’s important to consider both;

your personal style & lifestyle.

Cabinet Door Selection

With such a myriad of colours and cabinet door profiles available, the options for your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinetry style can be surprising and even overwhelming.

The overall feel of your kitchen is affected by the style of your cabinetry.  Space planning begins with your kitchen floorplan, but while the cabinet layout is under development, the cabinet door material and finishes are considered.  When it’s time to really focus on the cabinetry door style and colour, the perspective widens to involve flooring, countertop colour, and backsplash.

Exploration typically begins with a cabinet door colour; paint or stain or the particular colours that are available in specific door materials/styles.

If the attraction is towards stained wood, then the species of the wood needs to be determined.  If paint is of interest, usually the cabinet supplier offers a collection of colours to select from. 

Cabinet Door Finishes

Cabinet Door Finishes

Cabinet doors are typically painted or stained wood, or are produced from a prefabricated material such as laminate.  Finishes can be smooth or textured, and either high gloss, satin or matte.  For a more in-depth look, see Cabinet Door Material

Cabinet Door Profiles

Cabinet Door Style

The most common door styles are flat panel, raised panel and slab.  A flat panel cabinet door has a recessed center, a raised panel has a proud center, and a slab is a door without an inner profile.  For additional details see Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinet Doors

Below you’ll find a collection of Cabinet Doors we offer.  Click on the thumbnails and scroll through to browse a variety of door profiles.  There are various factors that impact the cost of cabinet doors.  Since cabinet door finishes are selected based on colour, for accurate representation, they require personal viewing in the showroom.