The overall feel of your kitchen is affected by the style of your cabinetry.  With such a myriad of colours and cabinet door profiles available, the options for your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinetry style is overwhelming for some homeowners.  Space planning begins with your kitchen floorplan, but while the cabinet layout is under development, the cabinet door material and finishes are considered.  When it’s time to really focus on the cabinetry door style and colour, the perspective widens to involve flooring, countertop colour, and backsplash.  


Communicating Style Online

Many times, there is uncertainty over the look desired, so the first step we take is to explore photos of kitchens for inspiration.  If you aren’t already familiar with them, Pinterest and Houzz provide online photo galleries that allow us to gain some personal style perspective.  Create accounts, if you don’t already have them, to collect photos to share.  A “board” in Pinterest and/or an “ideabook” in Houzz are created for our projects, where we will collaborate to communicate likes and dislikes with one another.

Exploration typically begins with a cabinet door colour; paint or stain or the particular colours that are available in specific door materials/styles (see Cabinet Door Materials for details).   If the attraction is towards stained wood, then the species of the wood needs to be determined.  If paint is of interest, usually cabinet supplier offers a collection of colours to select from.  Most suppliers will colour-match to popular paint brands (such as Benjamin Moore), and even do custom colour matches.  In my experience, less of them want to do custom stain matches.  Sometimes there is a fee for veering from their standard colours.  Beyond the colour of the door, special finish applications are available (see below).

 Sometimes special finishes are applied,
such as drybrushing and/or glazing.

I am going to review the general door styles, not the construction of the doors (that’s a whole other conversation!).  The most common door styles are flat panel, raised panel and slab.  A flat panel cabinet door has a recessed center, a raised panel has a raised center, and a slab is a door without an inner profile. 

Cabinet Door Style Profiles

Cabinet doors are offered with various inside and outside profiles that can dramatically affect the appearance of the door, and the style of the kitchen.  Doors are available with integrated and/or applied mouldings.  An option that affects the aesthetics and the storage plans of a kitchen are glass center panels.  These are used to break up the cabinetry, add interest or to display belongings.   

Let’s talk about what cabinet door style and colours you’re drawn to,
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