“How do I pick out bathroom accessories?”

Bathroom accessories are now considered ornamental for bathrooms.  If cultivated carefully, the bathroom accessory collection can not only support a household’s lifestyle needs, but can add striking character to the room. 

Bathroom accessories are available in many styles, and there is a systematic approach to the procurement
of a highly functional, beautifully curated bathroom accessory collection.  Bathroom accessories include towel bars and rings, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders.  Some accessories that essentially have the same function, can operate differently.   

When helping homeowners plan and design their washrooms, the conversation gets personal.   Individual grooming habits are considered, and, many times, more than one household member’s needs are factored.  

Initially, when starting to look at bathroom accessories, basic needs are considered.   Since most accessories are wall-mounted, wall space is a factor.  If wall space is limited, or if its proximity to where the accessory’s use is required, we may have to get clever and creative when planning its placement.

Determine what accessories are required based on household lifestyle needs.    Which, and how many, household members will use the washroom?


The use of towels is considered from various perspectives.  Firstly, will a hand towel be needed at the vanity sink?  If so, is there a wall to mount it or them nearby, then the determination is fairly straight-forward.. typically a towel “ring” is used.  There are many styles available for this approach.

As for towel use after showering and/or bathing, towel bars or hooks, and sometimes a combination is used. Sometimes this comes down to wall space availability.  For separate areas for showering and bathing, we will try to allow for towels in both.. at least for short-term access for at the time of use.

If there is limited wall space for locating towel accessories, sometimes we need to get creative.  Mounting hooks on the backs of doors is sometimes an option.  Lately we’ve been using shower door handles that double as towel rods as solutions for hanging towels. 

Towel bars come in varying lengths, and have features that combine their function.  Double-rod towel bars have space for two towels at a time, allowing air to circulate while drying.  Towel bars are available with shelving, for storing toiletries or additional towels.


There are many types of toilet paper holders available.  Other than the free-standing, they are typically wall mounted.  Occasionally, we will mount them to the side of the vanity cabinet, if necessary.  Beyond the traditional spring-loaded style, there are two others that have gained popularity due to their ease-of-use; one has a pivoting motion to the bar for loading and the other is open-ended, where the paper roll simply slides on.  The orientation of mounting this style depends on the direction in which it will be used.    

Riobel Boomerang Faucet Feature

 Above is a collection of toilet paper holders
that each function differently.


There are four common directions to take for procuring a vanity mirror.  Custom-size mirrors can be supplied by glass companies.  A custom-designed mirror with a frame can be made, commonly offered by the cabinet company.  Prefabricated mirrors can be ordered from a plumbing or lighting supplier.  Stock mirrors can be found at décor shops or furniture retailers.

Bathroom accessories, including shower curtain rods and mirrors, are available in multiple colours and finishes.  Common finishes are chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, black, gun metal, champagne bronze, antique brass etc., and even combination finishes are available, and can include wood elements.  Every manufacturer has their own name for their finishes, and the colour-tone can vary between brands.  This is important to consider when trying to coordinate and/or match cabinet hardware, or plumbing and light fixtures.

In addition to the Bathroom Accessories that are installed, there are what may seem like endless options for decorative vanity accessories; cream dispensers, soap pumps and dishes, tumblers (water glasses), toothbrush holders, tissue dispensers, and garbage bins…  These can clutter a bathroom, and I rarely will opt for using an entire “set”.  Instead, I will carefully select key pieces, and coordinate a customized collection based on need and use. 

Bathtub and shower accessories are typically considered too.  Caddies or trays are made for bathtubs, and are especially handy for freestanding bathtubs.  Prefabricated niches and shelving in showers are valuable for housing shampoo and soap.  Although this is a fair bit of information, especially if this is new to you, there are additional details to cover, such as the appropriate mounting heights of your accessories.

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