Cabinetry Hardware

The appearance and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom, and its cabinetry, is impacted by the hardware. 

Cabinet pulls (handles/knobs) can support your lifestyle,  

& the desired aesthetic style

Cabinet Hardware Selection

There is a systematic approach to hardware selection and combinations.
It’s not a selection process that is taken lightly, especially since various styles, sizes, and sometimes colours, are used in the home, and even within a single room.

Below you’ll find collections of some of the Cabinet Hardware we offer.  Click on the thumbnails and scroll through to browse a variety of handle and knob styles.  In the Galleries, most hardware is shown in a similar colour to help determine style, without being influenced by colour, however, most of the hardware is available in a variety of colours (black, gold, silver…) and finishes (polished, matte, brushed…).    

Cabinet Hardware Finishes


Cabinet Handles

Aside from the aesthetics, functionality should be considered when choosing cabinet hardware.  The quantity and widths of your doors impacts this selection.  The sizes of your drawers is an important factor when choosing handle style.

Cabinet Door Profiles


Cabinet Knobs

The combination of cabinetry hardware is not usually an easy determination.  Handles and knobs?  One or two colours and/or finishes..?  There are specific considerations that can help with these decisions.

Cabinet Door Finishes