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Exceptional Interior Design takes form and function beyond

beautiful and practical.

Specializing in renovations, providing homeowners the opportunity to customize the functionally of their environment,
achieving spaces which reflect your personal style and support your lifestyle.

Designer West is boutique-inspired, whereupon every design project is unique.

Exceptional Interior Design takes form and function beyond beautiful and practical.  Create memorable experiences, surrounded by that which was curated with intention through your own personal expression.

Amber, the Designer, and Project Manager for Designer West, recognizes that each homeowner has different needs and their own individual set of priorities.
It is during the early stages of learning about a homeowner’s lifestyle, household habits and family interactions, that a trusting relationship develops between Amber and her clients.
Amber has an intuitive sense, enhancing environments that distinctively reflect the individuals whom inhabit them. She manages to capture a homeowner’s essence and individuality.

When curated with intention, personal spaces can be invigorating and nurturing.

With over 25 years of experience within the residential construction industry, Amber has an educative approach to design. Her experience, proven processes, and a commitment to design excellence, continues to produce sustainable interiors for perceptive homeowners.
Amber’s adaptable personality seems to generate especially memorable relationships with her clients, that often last for years.
Whether coming home to settle in for the evening, or waking up to take on the day, nurturing spaces can be created, that both soothe and uplift.

Since each Renovation and New Home Build Project is unique, Amber offers different design service options to ensure that every detail is considered and covered.  

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Consultations begin in the preliminary stages of project development.  Let’s explore the possibilities together!  Contact us for a consultation and in-depth analysis.