Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry is an integral component of a Renovation or New Home Build.
The overall style of your kitchen is established by the

look of your cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry

At the onset of a renovation, the homeowner is typically put in touch with representatives within the area of the respective expertise required.

In the case of your Custom Cabinetry, we are that Specialist.

As the Kitchen Designer, your Interior Designer, and a Project Manager, we can bear total accountability.  We develop the cabinet layout, create your custom configuration and order the cabinet package ourselves. 

We work directly with our local cabinet manufacturer, the installer, and all jobsite tradespeople involved, simultaneously.  We assist you in the design at whatever level you require, and coordinate your cabinet delivery and installation, in conjunction with your construction schedule. 

Cabinet Doors

The overall feel of your kitchen is affected by the style of your cabinetry. With such a myriad of colours and cabinet door profiles available, the options for custom cabinetry can be staggering.

To see a collection of our Cabinet Doors, click the image of a couple of our favourites.

Cabinet Door Samples

Cabinetry Design & Purchasing

There are different ways to work with me for the design and purchase of your new cabinetry, and a tailored process has been developed for each.

Beyond the level of renovation advice provided in relation to your cabinetry,
additional Professional Design Services are available that cover a wider scope. These services include guidance for Plumbing and Electrical, and assistance in the selection and coordination of Appliances and Fixtures, Materials and Finishes.

If such Services, in addition to the level included in the purchase of your cabinetry, are required, a Design Service Outline can be provided and an Estimate will be prepared.

Most homeowners are usually not aware of the level of assistance they require, so to learn more about what is available, click the buttons to explore the Design Service Options.