These are examples of some common cabinet hardware placement combination options.  There are various factors to consider when selecting your cabinetry hardware.  Aside from the size, style and finish, this is a look at the combination options of the cabinet hardware.  Below are images showing collections of common hardware combinations.

“Should I select handles and knobs, and where should I put them?”

Handles on Doors and Drawers

This image shows a combination of all handles.  Sometimes various sizes are used, depending on the width of the different sizes of drawers in the kitchen.  In this case, all the same sized handles are shown.

Knobs on Doors and Handles on Drawers

This combination is a popular choice.  Sometimes, a careful mix of knobs and handles can offer some interest.  

Knobs on Uppers and Handles on Bases

This division is common when base cabinetry and upper cabinetry are different colours.  

Knobs on Drawers Handles on Doors

Knobs on Drawers and Handles on Doors

Since drawers can have more variance in width than doors throughout a kitchen, knobs don’t seem to be chosen as much solely for them.  If knobs are preferred, however, and drawers are fairly wide, the hardware is sometimes doubled-up.  

Knobs on Doors and Drawers

All knobs seems to be one of the least common options.  Sometimes the knobs can look like polka-dots.  The scale can look a little out of balance, too, if there are many wide drawers in the kitchen.  However, these concerns can be managed if the contrast of the cabinet colour and the hardware colour is minimal.

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