About the Designer 

Through your own personal expression, we will capture

your essence and individuality.

Amber, the Designer and Project Manager 

Your home can support your lifestyle, while reflecting your personal taste.

When considering a renovation, homeowners may seek guidance by connecting with a designer through referral, or via an online search. So, initially, the interaction stems from reputation and perceived personability.

I’m Amber, the Designer and Project Manager for Designer West.  My role for your project depends on its scope, and your needs…

Approaching every design project as unique, I recognize that each homeowner will have different needs and their own individual set of priorities.  It is during the early process of learning about your lifestyles, habits, and family interactions, that trusting relationships develop.

I seem to have an intuitive sense, managing to capture a homeowner’s essence and individuality.  Together, we will explore beyond typical design solutions, achieving spaces which uplift your spirit and soothe your soul.

There are specific, personal details that I’ll learn about you early on, that will not only assist in the planning of your space, but may introduce you to customizing and organizational techniques that could bring ease to your household routines.

With over 25 years within the residential construction industry, I have an educative approach to design.  This experience, my proven processes, and a commitment to progression, continues to produce sustainable interiors for perceptive homeowners.


When curated with intention,
personal spaces can be invigorating and nurturing.