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 Once you’ve explored the Scope of Work, ensure the feasibility and practicality of your plans are attainable.  Our kitchen Design | Build process combines Design, Estimating & Scheduling.  Homeowners benefit from this proactive method that delivers the project expeditiously and smoothly.


Initially, the feasibility of your goals are determined, based on the condition of the existing space, and what you want to spend.


The preliminary estimate will assist you in the planning of your renovation.  The Scope of Work is determined by evaluating your priorities.

design & selections

The design development commences as we create the design concept and explore material and fixture selections.


While selections are made, quotes are solicited to refine the budget.  Product, material and resource availability is considered.


Lead times and installation dates are projected and the schedule is created.

Design Build Process

Our Kitchen Design Build Process


Understand our proactive Kitchen Design | Build Process, which considers the project as a whole, whereupon designing and budgeting are done simultaneously.

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Consultations begin in the preliminary stages of project development.  Let’s explore the possibilities together!  Contact us for a consultation and in-depth analysis.