Fixture & Material Selections

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Advancing technology allows for finish durability and reasonable maintenance so the materials, products and fixtures selected for your home can support your lifestyle and reflect your personal taste.

Online browsing allows homeowners to become familiar with materials.  Virtual tours of supplier’s showrooms is now possible and there are special arrangements in place with suppliers to visit showrooms when the time comes.

Below is a list of the various materials and fixtures that are selected for renovations.



The integral component of a kitchen, the cabinetry bears a comprehensive design and production process unto itself. 


Countertop selection is based on priorities; durability, maintenance, cost and the look & feel of the material within the space.


An intricate consideration of the kitchen renovation, kitchen renovations are planned around them and cabinetry is designed to suit.


Kitchen plumbing fixtures are selected based on their function and finish.

light fixtures

Lighting is considered during conceptual planning, but the actual selection is made while developing the design.


Hardwood, carpet, vinyl… we are seeing comebacks of particular products in the marketplace.


Typically ceramic tile, however, glass and sheets of porcelain are contenders.

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